First some little about me

Golf photography for me is about feeling, it is about emotions. The photo has to make everyone wish to play the course. I have started to play golf 7 years ago and it has become my passion very soon. During the time when I play more and more courses I I have started to admire great golf designers who have created such a beautiful places and allowed us to enjoy amazing combination of unique nature and our passion. I was shooting the golf courses for myself from the beginning of my golf playing, but the break point happened in Guatemala at beautiful golfcourse Fuego Maya at La Reunión (Pete Dye design) where I have seen a book with all the golfcourses of Pete Dye. I am sorry but lot of them is totaly crap** and I do not believe that Pete Dyes´ golf courses should be presented this way.

Another impulse came from my work. I have started golf operations in my own travel company and I was more involved in business and I have realized that too many great courses are actually better than their. For me golf photography s about the feelings, and abou theemotions. The photogprahs has to make everyone to wish to play the course. No matter how, but the picture has to have soul of the course. It is not just technically perfekt picture, it is picture photo which will emphasize the best things about the course and will diferentiate this course from any other.

Something for golf course managers

Maybe for some of you boring, but what I have seen so far….many should read this.

If you are in golf business and responsible for presentation of the golf course, please, do something. Look at the pictures which represent your golf course and answer the question yourself. Are these pictures making you proud, happy and thrilled anytime you look at them…? Do you think that these pictures make the people to come to your golf course?

If yes, than perfect but if no, you should do something with that.

If I imagine how much money cost building golf course and maintenance of golf course every year.....millions of Dollars, Euros... than I do not understand why pictures of so many golf courses look the way they look. Go and ask any of golf tour operator. A lot of them will tell you the same story…bad pictures, bad pictures, bad pictures…how do you want sell product when it looks worse than reality?

I have couple of clear facts for you

  • According to all travel studies is photography the most important decision maker for travelers
  • The investment to right golf photography is the first and most efective marketing tool you can have

If you will not have the strongest marketing tool in best shape, most probably you will not make as much money as you could...

And last thing

I believe that not every photographer is able to make nice pictures of golf courses. Even great photographerwho does not play golf or at least do not understand this game can hardly make great pictures of golf course which attracts golf player.

Please think about that before you hire great and expensive photographer who never played golf